You’ve poured everything you have into the game. You sleep, eat, and breathe football. You have put every ounce of energy you have into your two-a-days and your mind seems to always be on the field. You know all of your stats and the stats of your teammates like the back of your hand. This season, the field will be yours, and nothing can stop you…


Except an injury.


Protect yourself AND improve your performance. At SG, we know you pour your heart and soul into the game. There is nothing more devastating or frustrating than being benched for the season because of an injury that could have been prevented if you had planned ahead.


That’s why SG brings you a helmet that will not only protect you during the game, but it will also help you improve your performance. You will have better visibility. Your head will feel lighter. You will move more quickly. Your neck won’t be fatigued from the weight of a steel face mask.


Football Gear
Your head is already heavy. It weighs 8% of what you do. Why add another 6 pounds?

They say your head weighs 8% of your body weight. That’s pretty heavy if you are a 250 pound football player. Your current football helmet is made out of dense plastic and heavy padding. Your current face mask is also probably pretty heavy, which can throw off your balance or cause you to drop your head during the game. What if you could put a helmet on your head made out of carbon and aramid fiber (used in high-end cars, aerospace and bullet-proof vests)? Answer: You get better protection and half the weight.

Those headaches and neck aches are hurting your performance.

If you’ve just accepted those neck aches and headaches as “part of the game”, think again. “After playing years of football, I had grown to expect a sore neck and slight headache during the first few hitting practices of the season,” said Tyler Horn of the Tennessee Titans. “But with my SG helmet, that neck pain and headache never came. My SG helmet has made playing football more comfortable. I will never go back to wearing another helmet.”

Improved Visibility Football
The better you see, the better you play. Common sense, right?

You already know the SG helmet is half the weight of its competitors… but did you know that players who wear the SG football helmet report increased visibility? Former NFL football player for the Indianapolis Colts Jeff Saturday reported that he could turn his head more easily when he wore the SG helmet, improving his range of vision on the field. The lighter design also helps players keep their heads up during the game, maintaining proper tackle form and improving visibility. Makes sense, right?

Move Faster Youth Football
Get to the end zone faster, and use less oxygen to do it. 

Researchers at the University of Georgia conducted a test and found that athletes wearing additional weights ran more slowly. In the test race, subjects wearing a weight that equaled to 5% of their body weight crossed the finish line 30 seconds after the subjects wearing no weights. The group wearing weights also used more oxygen. What does this mean for your football game? A heavier helmet could be slowing you down significantly. Get a lighter helmet and see how much faster you can move on the field.

You don’t want to get benched because you didn’t protect yourself properly.

You’re young. You’re strong. But you are not invincible. Injury can happen at the most unexpected times… it could be the homecoming game or it could even be at practice, where more than 60% of injuries occur. If you are hoping to make a career out of football, it’s time to start preparing now. The only way to stay 100% safe is to sit on the sidelines, but if you are looking to minimize your risk of head injury and prolong your career, it’s time to start wearing the right helmet.



A lighter helmet will help you improve your game and even prolong your career as a football player.


I understand that no helmet, practice apparatus, or helmet pad can completely prevent or eliminate the risk of concussions or other serious head injuries while playing sports. Researchers have not reached an agreement on how the results of impact absorption tests relate to concussions. No conclusions about a reduction of risk or severity of concussive injury should be drawn from impact absorption tests.  By entering this site, you acknowledge this statement.

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