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SG set out to create a product that was completely different from current football helmets available today. Our belief is that football players deserve better protection… and a helmet that won’t bring down their athletic performance. We bring you a lighter, stronger helmet that helps improve athletic performance and has state-of-the-art protection features. SG helmets are already out on the field, making a huge difference to hundreds upon hundreds of football players of all ages. Many of these players made the switch because they knew they needed better protection and wanted better athletic performance. Still, many of these players as well as their families asked SG a lot of questions.

Below are many of the questions we receive about our helmets. If you still have questions, we have representatives who are ready to help! Just take a few moments to contact us if you have additional questions.

SG Football Helmet FAQ


How is the SG helmet different from other football helmets?

The SG helmet is nothing like other football helmets on the market today. SG’s background is in the auto racing industry. We know about high-impact sports as well as the need to protect players. When SG decided to build a helmet, we started from scratch. Old materials repackaged as something new and special wasn’t going to work.

In the racing industry, helmets are designed to break into pieces upon impact, completely absorbing the impact. SG knew they had use the same principle, but also knew that football helmets needed to absorb impacts repeatedly. Where current football helmet models simply redirect the impact, SG helmets contain special components that are designed to absorb impact:

  • Carbon fiber shell provides strong, lightweight protection
  • Interior is lined with patented foam that retains shape and absorbs impacts
  • Chrome moly tubing in face mask makes helmet balanced and lightweight
  • Your helmet can be resized within your existing shell

The bottom line is that SG Helmets provide better protection and allow for superior performance.

What are the different sizes?

SG offers a helmet for youths and adults both. Each category has a multiple sizes available:

  • YOUTH HELMETS: Small, Medium
  • VARSITY HELMET: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

With our custom fit pad kit, we will have the proper size for any player.

How can I convince my coach to use your helmets?

A lot of players and parents ask us this question because helmets provided by schools have suffered years and years of repeated traumas. This means school-issued helmets could be hurting more than they are helping. SG has the ability to provide helmets for an entire team. We can paint them any color you wish, and we can even do custom paint jobs if your school has a particular helmet design they are using.

If you would like your coach to talk to SG, contact us. Coaches will understand the need and desire to protect their players. Just provide us with some details about your particular situation and one of our representatives will be connecting with you soon to help.

Is anyone in the NFL using the SG helmet?

Yes! The SG helmet has gained a lot of footing in the NFL as head injuries have come into the spotlight. The NFL has been making moves to help improve head injury statistics. Many players who are looking to prolong their career are making the switch.

Are the helmets comfortable?

Let’s put it this way: Comfort was one of our main goals when we first started designing the SG football helmet. Many football players complain of headaches and strained necks when they walk off the field because of repeated impacts and an extremely heavy helmet. Our formula is far different.

Our helmet is half the weight of standard football helmets, making it more comfortable for players’ neck muscles. Additionally, the special foam lining the interior of the shell absorbs impact. Players often tell us that the SG helmet helps them avoid post game headaches.

Finally, the smooth lining of the foam interior makes for an extremely comfortable fit. When you build your football helmet in our online store, you will also receive a fit pad kit so that your helmet will be the perfect fit.

I'm not sure what size to order. How can I get the right size and fit for me?

Sizing is easy. If you know your hat size or you have a measuring tape handy, you can use our chart to get your size. If you are still worried that you aren’t measuring your head properly, we can help you get fitted.

Why does the inside look like styrofoam?

The interior foam lining of our helmets is a special foam licensed to SG by NASA. SG is the only company in the country that is able to use it. While this foam has a similar appearance to styrofoam, it is VERY different. Here’s the story…

Styrofoam was SG’s initial inspiration. It seems hard to believe, but it’s true. In the auto racing industry, helmets are made from styrofoam and are designed to break apart on contact, absorbing the force of such a high impact. When Bill Simpson sat down to design a football helmet, he knew he needed something with strong absorbing power that wouldn’t break apart. Inspired by the idea of foam, he went to work and crafted a special, patented foam.

The foam inside the SG helmet retains its shape, while still absorbing the force of impact. It’s also light, allowing a player to turn his head easily and improve performance.

Can I order a helmet in my exact color or design?

Yes! When you build your custom helmet in our shop, you can select the type of face mask and chin strap you’d like to order, but then, you will have to provide SG with a sample of the helmet design. We prefer to have an original helmet mailed to us (don’t worry, we will return it!), but you can also upload a picture of the helmet in question so we can duplicate it. (Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the perfect match if you only send a picture, which is why we recommend that you send an original so we can make an exact match.)

How can the SG helmet be lighter but still have better protection?

Typical helmets are made of dense plastic and heavy metal face masks. The problem is that these materials are heavy AND they don’t provide the best protection.

The SG helmet is lighter because we have crafted it from lighter, stronger materials. Carbon fiber, aramid and chrome moly are some of the lightest, strongest materials available… so it made sense to put them to use! Add to that our patented foam interior, and you have a helmet that is half the weight of standard helmets… yet it is far stronger.

Will the SG helmet hurt my athletic performance?

SG helmets can actually improve your game. Because they are lighter and stronger, you can be in the game longer. Many of our players say they have improved visibility because they can turn their heads more easily. Our lighter face masks make your head more balanced, instead of being extremely heavy in the front like many other helmets on the market.


Build the perfect helmet in our online store. No matter what your needs are, SG can create the look you are looking for.


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